Finding Neighbors, directed by two time Academy Award® winner Ron Judkins (Best Sound for Saving Private Ryan, Jurassic Park), is a comedic drama about three sets of Los Angeles neighbors who are searching for true connection.

Six months late on a book delivery, stay-at-home graphic novelist Sam Tucker (Michael O’Keefe—The Great Santini, Caddyshack) has succumbed to a full-on mid-life and creative crisis. Between ice cream, television and a severe case of writer’s block, Sam mourns the loss of his youthful inspiration. After his stellar early success and the subsequent failure of his last project, Sam has become unable to move forward.

Sherrie (Julie Mond—House MD, Love Begins), the provocative girl-next-door, offers him an easy and willing distraction. But it is Sam’s budding friendship with another neighbor Jeff (Blake Bashoff—Spring Awakening, Mad Men), a gay man, which helps him begin to reconnect with his creative thread. After a ridiculous misunderstanding, the men start to spend time together. Their playful and unlikely camaraderie frees each of them from the weight of their pasts.

But Sam reveals nothing of this to his wife Mary (Catherine Dent—21 Grams and TV’s “The Shield”). And as he begins to change, she becomes increasingly suspicious about what is actually going on in the neighborhood.

While searching for clues, Mary’s anxieties take an abrupt new turn. Understandably hurt that Sam has become emotionally intimate with someone other than herself, she’s doubly confused by the discovery that Sam’s “someone else” is a man.

As Sam begins to recapture his creative fire, he may be losing the one thing he has never doubted: his marriage.


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